God is the Heroic in us.


God is the Heroic in us.



God is that HOPE  we all nurse in our hearts for a better future for ourselves, our families, and our friends; God is the hope for  progressive careers, better politicians, eradication of prejudice or racism, peace for all nations, and a future we all believe in. Most importantly, God is the hero in those who have performed heroic deeds, past or present, irrespective of their race or religion; God is the hero in Jesus, Mohammed, Ghandhi, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King Jr. Joan of Arc, etc. God is the hero in all of us effecting positive change, taking baby steps each day, through our words, thoughts, or deeds. God is expressed whenever we exert ourselves toward making our world a better place; helping a neighbor, appreciating others, or making positive choices.  If we all understood this, there’ll be no need for hate, wars, or terrorism, and definitely, no need to use RELIGION as a divisive tool.

Our Godly spirit also emerges when we set goals and work hard toward achieving them. We suppress our heroic spirit when we express a sense of entitlement or desire things we haven’t worked for. In my opinion, to be Godly is to rise above the ordinary and become extraordinary. Let’s emulate our heros through simple, daily acts of kindness. Happy Easter to you all!  #RRR


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